Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees and Charges (Effective January 1, 2019)

Membership Savings Accounts
Failure to Furnish Appropriate T.I.N. $50
Checking Account Services
Stop Payment Order on Check $12
Draft Collection $20
Overdraft Transfer Fee (per item) $10
Printed Checks Per current price list
Account Reconcilement (per hour) $25
Duplicate Statement (per statement, over 3 months) $2
Monthly Maintenance Fee (on dividend checking) $4 (No Charge with minimum monthly balance of $500)
Freedom Checking No charge
Check Copy Fee (first two in one month free) $2
Electronic Services
ATM Enrollment No Charge
ATM Deposit Correction $10
ACH Stop Payment $12
Replacement Visa Debit or ATM Card $10 (Express Rush Charge - $45)
Stop Payment (bill payment) $25
NSF (bill payment) $30
Popmoney/External Transfer Express Delivery Fee $3.50
Popmoney/External Transfer Stop Payment Fee $25
Over the Counter Services
3rd Party Check Handling $5 or 2% (fee is $5 or 2% of face value, whichever is greater)
Check Cashing*** $5 or 2% (fee is $5 or 2% of face value, whichever is greater)
On-Us Non-Member Check Cashing $10 or 2% (fee is $10 or 2% of face value, whichever is greater)
Money Orders* $2
Official Checks** (one free per day) $1
Declaration of Loss and Claim for Reimbursement $12
Verification of Deposit / Credit History $10
Records Research / Labor (per hour) $25
     Reproduction (per page)
Compliance with Legal Order (minimum billing) $25
     Records Research / Labor (per hour)
     Reproduction (per page)
Notary Fee (first signature) $7
Notary Fee (additional signatures) $5 ea
Tax Levy Processing $20

All of the above fees will be charged to the applicable account and will be shown on the periodic statement for that account. If there are insufficient funds in the applicable account, fees will be deducted from the available balance in other accounts, including accounts on which you are a joint owner, or we will overdraw the applicable account.

*Fee waived if share balance is $5,000 or more and for members age 62 or over.
**Fee waived if share balance is $5,000 or more.
***Fee charged if member only has a regular share account and has no other OMSEFCU share products or OMSEFCU loan products. Fee waived if minimum balance of $200 is maintained in regular share account.

Other Fees and Charges
PayAssure By Check, POS, Debit Card, ACH, or ATM Transaction Paid by Drawing Account Negative $25
NSF: any payment instrument or payment method, including check, ATM, ACH or other electronic transaction presented against a non-sufficient funds (NSF) balance-paid or returned. $25 per presentment
Online Banking No Charge
Online Bill Pay Services No Charge
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing - Domestic $20
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing - International $35
Escheat Notification Fee $2
Account Inactivity Fee (after 1 year inactivity) $2/month
Loan Services
VISA Credit Card Cash Advance Fee $2 or 2% (the greater of $2 or 2% of cash amount, not to exceed $10)
VISA Stop Payment Fee $25
VISA Credit Card Late Fee $25
Replacement VISA Credit Card $25 (Express Rush Charge - $45)
Real Estate Demand for Payoff (per demand) $75
Real Estate Subordination Fee $150
Vehicle Loan Refinance Fee $75 (fee for refinancing existing OMSEFCU vehicle loan)
Loan Extension Fee $35
Payment Convenience Fee $15